Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New Baby!

Well, I'm sure most people have heard already (as news travels fast around our church) but we are going to have a baby! We are due somewhere between January 22-27. We got to see the first ultrasound last week. It amazes me how our baby was not even 10 weeks old, yet you could see the head, the forming arms and legs, the heartbeat, and the beginning of facial features. I don't see how anyone could deny the existence of God. It is such a beautiful thing.

Katelyn seems excited, at least as much as she can understand. She talks about the baby some. I'm hoping she's going to be a big helper when her little brother or sister comes (Lord knows I'm going to need all the help I can get!).


Tami Muhlbauer said...


I'm so excited for you guys. It is going to be so much fun :) Having two is chaotic but just plain fun!! You automatically have 2 people in your life that no matter what you do or look like you are the coolest person to them!!!

Let me know if you need anything.
Love you guys!

Ashlee Davis said...

actually, i haven't heard; congrats! I love having two.

Our Great Family said...

Congrats! I think Katelyn will be a great big sister! She is going to love being able to help. :)

Jamie Patrick said...

Congratulations, guys!!! I am so excited for you.

Todd and Cilla said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Marianne! So excited for you guys! I bet Katelyn will be a great big sister!