Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, so I'm a bad mom. Today was the first time I have ever made home-made chocolate chip cookies (or any kind of home-made cookie) with my daughter, who is turning 3 next week. I know! Yyou don't have to tell me. I stink at being a stay at hom mom. I should have had her in the kitchen as soona s she could walk! But, at least I did it before her third birthday. If I were to wait any longer I would REALLY be a bad mom (no offense to anyone out here who has not made cookies with their child by the age of three, though I know that is no one).

We documented our progress. I must be honest though. She got kinda bored about half way through so I had to make her come back and stir in the chips and look in oven, etc. But, at least she did it! I must brag on us. They were some of the best cookies I have had in long time!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Story Time

Katelyn was looking for princess Ariel book the other night and couldn't find it anywhere. She finally asked her Daddy for help, who then crawled under the bed and found it in far recesses of the abyss. She was so excited! Dan started to read the book to her and was promptly stopped.

"Daddy, don't read the story, just read the pictures!"

Too funny!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictures and the Bum Drum

These pictures are from our latest outing to Portrait Innovations. As you can tell, Katelyn wasn't too pleased to be there as first. we did get some great shots I just thought I'd share these because they are Katelyn to a T.

Another cute story for the day: So Katelyn and I were playing on the floor tonight and she laid down on my stomach. I began to use her bottom as my bongo drums and yell, "I'm playing the bum drum, I'm playing the bum drum!" Katelyn then informs me, "Mom, my booty's not a drum, it's booty!" Gotta love it!

Quick Story

We were at my brother's house this past weekend and Katelyn came running into the room wearing only one of her shoes.

Me: "Katelyn, what happened to your other shoe?"

Katelyn: "Mmmmmoooommm, I'm Cinderella!"

Duh! I guess I should have known!