Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, so I'm a bad mom. Today was the first time I have ever made home-made chocolate chip cookies (or any kind of home-made cookie) with my daughter, who is turning 3 next week. I know! Yyou don't have to tell me. I stink at being a stay at hom mom. I should have had her in the kitchen as soona s she could walk! But, at least I did it before her third birthday. If I were to wait any longer I would REALLY be a bad mom (no offense to anyone out here who has not made cookies with their child by the age of three, though I know that is no one).

We documented our progress. I must be honest though. She got kinda bored about half way through so I had to make her come back and stir in the chips and look in oven, etc. But, at least she did it! I must brag on us. They were some of the best cookies I have had in long time!

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