Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitude Monday

Well to say I haven't been good at keeping up my blog would be rather redundant.  I seem to say it a lot!  I actually have a lot to talk about, I just have a hard time sitting down and organizing my thoughts.  That being said, lets see if I can at least randomly list some the blessings God has shown me in my life.  Here goes!

76.  The 30 minutes after Dan gets home.  The kids no longer say, "Mommy!"  Now, it's, "Daddy!"  Aaahhhh.  Peace!
77.  flip flop season is back!
78.  Our trip to the beach on Friday afternoon.
79.  Watching Katelyn SCREAM when a seagull came anywhere near her (or really even looked her way).
80.  Watching Caroline play in the sand with an old Starbucks cup.  She was having a blast!
81.  Watching Katelyn and Caroline get excited about climbing and playing on the big painted jaguar and sea turtle in front of Sticky Fingers at the beach.  Oh to be a kid again!
82.  Someone walking by and offering to take a picture of our whole family in front of said turtle.  We don't have many of all of us together!
83.  Relaxing Saturday mornings at home!
84.  Watching Katelyn riding her bike.  There is something about a kid in a bike helmet that is so cute!
85.  Pushing Caroline on her scooter around the block then realizing I'm wearing my slippers! 
86.  Thankful my "block" is small!
87.  Coming home and seeing the chalk art a la Katelyn and Caroline on our driveway.  :)
88.  Celebrating Katelyn's 4 1/2 birthday and hearing her emphasize to people she is now 4 1/2!  That 1/2 is important!
89.  Listening to Katelyn talk to Daddy on the phone when he is away on a middle school function.  She always tells him she misses him and she loves him.  It is so sweet!
90.  Listening to Caroline babble and blow kisses to her Daddy on the phone.  She used to not want to even listen to him talk.  Now she'll talk back some!
91.  Getting to sit in my sister-in-love's Sunday School class on Sunday!  I miss serving with her.  She is a GREAT teacher!
92.  Having a date night with my hubby!
93.  Eating one of the best steaks of my life at Bonefish Grill on said date night.
94.  My parents taking the girls for the night so we could go on said date night.
95.  Spending over an hour at Books A Million reading and talking (and not about kids books)!
96.  Getting my girls back the next morning!
97.  Sunday afternoon naps.
98.  Jamie Vaughn's facebook status updates!  She is so funny!
99.  Not having to wear a sweater!
100.  Listening to my girls giggle in the bath tub (even more so because my husband is one bathing them)!

Join me next week for more of God's little blessings!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Multitude Monday

I have not done real well keeping up with the blogging this past week.  We had our 25th annual Pastor's Conference (I'll talk about that in a later post) and things got crazy!  But, I am back in blogland and ready to go!  So, here's my list for the week:

51.  my hubby being willing to watch the girls so I can go out with some of my sweetest and oldest friends tonight!  Thanks, Babe!
52.  blankets
53.  fuzzy socks
54.  heaters
55.  old sweatshirts that are over 12 years old that are totally broken in and more comfy than almost anything in the world!
56.  warm towels when you get out of the shower (wasn't that sweet of my hubby?!)
57.  putting a towel fresh out of the dryer on my legs as I fold the rest of the laundry (are you guys seeing a pattern here?  I've been so cold lately!)
58.  grilled cheese sandwiches with sharp cheddar cheese!
59.  my free Taylor Swift album
60.  seeing Katelyn get so excited about seeing what today's surprise is on our Valentine's countdown Calender
61.  the joy my kids get from going to check out book a the public library
62.  new free books on my e-reader
63.  reading valentine's books to my girls
64.  Disney World!
65.  Katelyn discovering her love of roller coasters!  She hates It's a Small World, but loves Thunder Mountain!  Go figure!
66.  Watching Caroline see Disney World for the first time and take it all in
67.  Seeing how excited Katelyn got to meet the princesses (Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora)
68.  Watching Caroline eat cotton candy for the first time
69.  that feeling you get when all your laundry is done (not that it happens often, but man, it feels good!)
70.  macaroni and cheese, or Cheez as Caroline calls it
71.  salt.  Have you ever thought about how bland food would be without it?
72.  my insulated Starbucks cup with straw.  I take it everywhere and I love it!
73.  Our new Word of Life preschool daily devotional.  It's perfect for Katelyn and she loves it!  We really have enjoyed doing it with her too.
74.  Disney Family Fun magazine
75.  nap time!!