Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Sneaky Sneaky Child

So this past Saturday we celebrated Katelyn's 2nd birthday with a party at my parent's house. We had a great time but my child's sneaky came out in full force. My daughter has figured out that when you push the lever on the refrigerator, water will come out. Needless to say when she does this, she gets wet and mommy gets upset (because she knows she's not supposed to do that). So on this particular day, she proceeded to push the lever and got a pow pow on her hand. About a minute later, we're still standing in the kitchen when Katelyn starts pushing me out of the room. I knew what was happening, but I let her push me out. As I peeked around the corner, Katelyn was going straight for the fridge. She looks behind her to see if I'm looking (as I duck around the corner so she won't see me). She then pushes the lever on the fridge (though my mom put the lock on so it wouldn't spray water). Can we say Sneaky McSneakerson?!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation to the Mountains

Katelyn playing in the teepee.
On top of Chimney Rock
In the Opera Box, looking at Chimney Rock
At the waterfall
Climbing to the top of Chimney Rock.

After we got home from camp, we headed to the mountains with Dan's parents, brother, his wife and their little boy, Connor. We had such a wonderful time! One of Lisa's (Dan's mom) clients let us borrow his beautiful mountain home for 3 nights. We were outside of Asheville, NC. The area had a beautiful pool, lake beach, putt-putt, and golf. We went into Asheville one day to visit Biltmore Village. The estate was $50 per adult! We decided against that. We ate the Biltmore McDonalds that had a player piano and stone fireplace. We found a neat toy store and had a wonderful time! Another day we went to Chimney Rock. The group hiked to the Rock and took poctures then the original clan (minus Brooke and me) hiked up to the Opera Box and down to the waterfall. Hiking is not my thing, especially pregnant, but katelyn had a blast! Dan said she walked the whole trail to the waterfall (about 25 minutes) although he carried her back.

We had a wonderful time just getting out of town for a few days. Dan even truned his cell phone off. We just got to relax, play games together, eat together each meal and just make great memories! I can't wait until next year's trip!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Middle School

Well it has been a very eventful summer in the Elkins household. Dan and I both have been in and out of town with our middle schoolers on many exciting trips. We had the 8th grade mission trip to Atlanta, GA in June. God did some really amazing things in and through our kids on that trip. After that, Dan took a group of around 80-90 back to Atlanta for their Discipleship trip. They helped 3 different church plants by putting on a sports camp, helping with VBS and doing service projects around the community. The kids had a blast!

Dean and I flew up at the end of the Discipleship trip to go on the Secret Trip. The kids earned this trip by doing their quiet time, scripture memory, being at church, and taking sermon notes. We took them to a place right outside of Asheville, NC. We rented 3 huge cabins, went to Chimney Rock, a really cool place like Adventure Landing (but theirs was so much better), we ate at Dillard House, and just hung out together. We talked a lot about leadership on the trip. It was a sweet time and we all had a blast.

After a week at home, we packed up and headed off to camp! What a week! God did some incredible things. We saw around 30 come to Christ, over 20 baptized and many rededications. We are praying the Lord continues to work in the lives of our students this year. What a way to start!

So after our busy summer, we're heading off with Dan's family to the mountains for 4 days to just relax. We are both so worn out, and Katelyn has been missing her mom and dad (and we've missed her!). It will be nice to just get out of town for a little while and not have to be anywhere or do anything.