Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week #2

So today, I got to make two different gifts.  One for Katelyn's school teachers and another for Caroline's Mom 2 Mom teachers.  Every Tuesday I get the chance to go to Mom 2 Mom which is a Bible study/mentoring program our church offers.  If you're not in the Jacksonville area, you should look for a Mom 2 Mom meeting in your area.  Anyway, included in the yearly $60 fee is childcare.  So, I get to drop Caroline off in the nursery at church and head upstairs to my group.  It's such a wonderful program, but that's another post.  :)  Caroline has two of the sweetest ladies that take care of her, Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Ashley.  I love them and I'm so thankful for both of them.  Since today was the last Mom 2 Mom until September, I wanted to do something to say Thank You.

Again I am stealing from eighteen25.  I love this site!  You should definitely check it out!  For Katelyn's teachers, I had bought 2 small Yankee Candle jars when I had a BOGO coupon awhile back so I pulled those out and they were perfect.  I cut out on of the printables from the site, glued it on pretty pink paper and taped it on the back.  Then I just tied a simple silver curling ribbon bow and Wah-La!  Two cute teacher gifts!

For Caroline's teachers, I cut out a another saying from the same eighteen25 printable page, glued it so some black cardstock and threaded it onto a piece of silver curling ribbon.  I then took a snack size baggie, filled it with candy and threaded it onto the ribbon as well.  I then wrapped it around an AW Root Beer and there you have an "AW"esome teacher gift!  Hope you're enjoying this and getting some good ideas!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Katelyn's school.  I'm excited number one, because I really do believe Katelyn has the best teachers, and number two, I get to put some of my "copy-craftiness" to use!  A friend introduced me to a new blog last week called How Does She?  I've had so much fun looking through the site and getting some great ideas!  When you sign up for weekly email, she sends you a link to some free printables.  They have birthday, holiday, and even teacher printables.  You should check it out! 

Anyway, from that blog I found another blog called eighteen25.  They also have some really cute free printables, specifically for Teacher Appreciation gifts (though they really could be used for any kind of thank you gift.  This site gave some great ideas for inexpensive, yet creative gifts using things you might already have at home.  Today's gift idea come from eighteen25

I found the "fish" printable on eighteen25 and printed it on card stock I already owned then, using the bottom of my Starbucks cup, I traced a circle around the words and cut it out..  I looked in my bag of ribbon and found a cute black one.  I sealed the ends, hot glued the ribbon onto my red card stock then hot glued my circle on top.  I taped the whole thing onto a bag of Goldfish, again already in my pantry, the hot glued a bow I made out of the same ribbon as earlier and wah la!  A very cute, yet inexpensive gift!

I found some other great ideas that I will be attempting to make later this week!  Keep checking back to see what I'm going to do with root beer!  :)