Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week #2

So today, I got to make two different gifts.  One for Katelyn's school teachers and another for Caroline's Mom 2 Mom teachers.  Every Tuesday I get the chance to go to Mom 2 Mom which is a Bible study/mentoring program our church offers.  If you're not in the Jacksonville area, you should look for a Mom 2 Mom meeting in your area.  Anyway, included in the yearly $60 fee is childcare.  So, I get to drop Caroline off in the nursery at church and head upstairs to my group.  It's such a wonderful program, but that's another post.  :)  Caroline has two of the sweetest ladies that take care of her, Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Ashley.  I love them and I'm so thankful for both of them.  Since today was the last Mom 2 Mom until September, I wanted to do something to say Thank You.

Again I am stealing from eighteen25.  I love this site!  You should definitely check it out!  For Katelyn's teachers, I had bought 2 small Yankee Candle jars when I had a BOGO coupon awhile back so I pulled those out and they were perfect.  I cut out on of the printables from the site, glued it on pretty pink paper and taped it on the back.  Then I just tied a simple silver curling ribbon bow and Wah-La!  Two cute teacher gifts!

For Caroline's teachers, I cut out a another saying from the same eighteen25 printable page, glued it so some black cardstock and threaded it onto a piece of silver curling ribbon.  I then took a snack size baggie, filled it with candy and threaded it onto the ribbon as well.  I then wrapped it around an AW Root Beer and there you have an "AW"esome teacher gift!  Hope you're enjoying this and getting some good ideas!

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