Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One For the Road

So tonight Dan and I had just given Katelyn a bath (which is a nasty story in-and-of-itself. I'll spare the details.) and were sitting on the couch watching American Idol. All of a sudden we hear what sounds like a paper bag being thrown around. We look into the kitchen and about fall over. Katekyn is taking cans, boxes, and anything else she find out of the pantry and putting them into a big shopping bag. With a straight face she turns to us and says, "Bye bye Mommy. Bye bye Daddy." She then begins to drag the bag toward the door. I guess she knew she would get hungry on her adventure. Oh the minds of little people!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A/Cs and Monkeys

So my parents have gone to Nashville and Hopkinsville to visit my dad's family. Part of me is thankful. Now let me explain myself. Our A/C unit has been giving us problems for the last couple of months but it hasn't been a big problem since it's been cool. We haven't had to run it for a while anyway. Well, this week it has gotten very warm so now our not so big problem has become a big problem. The A/C guys came on Thursday and told us we needed a new unit, which we pretty much knew would happen. So, until we can get it in sometime next week, we're staying at my parents.

Katelyn has had so much fun tearing up my parent's house. One minute she has the lotion from by my parents bed all over her and the sheets. The next minute she's pulling glass candle holders off the counter and onto to the tile floor (thankfully they did not break). The minute after that, she's sitting on top of the dining room table. Let's just say it's been an exciting couple of days.

She has also learned another new trick. We put Katelyn down for the evening in the pack and play in the play room (where she sleeps whenever she's over here). About 5 minutes later, Dan comes into the computer room and tells me Katelyn all of a sudden stuck her head into the family room and gave him this sweet, innocent smile. He ended up putting he back down and going back to his baseball game. Less than 5 minutes later, I see the same sweet, innocent smile he saw peeking into the computer room door. That little monkey has figured out how to climb out of the pack and play! So, I lay her back in there and sing to her until she falls asleep.

Saturday morning, Dan wakes me up and tells me Katelyn is not in her bed. He tells me to get up and look where she is. I get out of bed and there is my little monkey, asleep on the couch. She's curled up like a little ball with he head on the armrest. I wish I could have found my camera at that moment. It was so sweet! I'm just surprised she did not get scared in the dark or that she didn't wake us up. The adventure continues!

My Birthday

The same weekend as Beth Moore, we had a birthday party for myself. Since Dan's parents and grandparents were in town, we decided to party a couple of days early. We had a bunch of people come over (well really the normal crew) and we had a taco party. I love tacos and it's pretty cheap to feed to large numbers of people. Everybody was really sweet and we had a great time.

Beth Moore

The last weekend in March was quite eventful. It was filled with family and fun. Friday night, I met my mom, Tiff, Maria, Lisa, grandmommy, and 6 other ladies from Lisa's church in the arena for the Beth Moore Living Proof Live event. The next 2 days were awesome! She spoke from Phillippians 2. It was so good to be a part of an event with 15,000 other ladies. Travis Cottrell sang and led worship. Thankfully he sang my 2 favorite songs from his CD. God has blessed that man with a beautiful voice. Anyway, Beth talked about how so many times we let things block us from getting to God. In this race we're running, Jesus is our coach who is out in front of us urging us to follow. We have to chase Him. There are times in our lives when all of a sudden God is going to turn around and if we're running hard enough, we're going to run right into Him. These are times in our lif when He reveals something to us. It's not an everyday occurence, but when it happens, we will never be the same.

She talked about how so many times in our race of life, we're facing behind us. We're trying to hold so hard to the past, whether it be failures or glories, that we miss it when Jesus turns around. We miss that encounter with Him because we can't get out of the past. She also talked about how we can let other things get in the way of our relationship with Christ. A couple were dread and comparison. Let me tell you I felt she was talking to me.

She also made a few statements that I will remember always. One was, "Everyday we wake up, we have the same power that raised Jesus from the grave." Wow! When you truly think about that, it's pretty amazing. Death is the ultimate earthly end, yet Jesus has the power to overcome even that! The next time I face a tough situation, I'm going to try to remember that Jesus is strength and through His strength I can conquer anything Satan throws at me. The other thing she said that stuck out was, "Be careful of your talents because they can become your greatest liabilities." Meaning, those things that you are naturally good at can eventually become your downfall. When we get to a place that we don't have to depend on Jesus to help us, we are about an inch away from falling into sin. God gives talents and abilities, but our reliance in those should not overshadow our need for the Lord. So, I think I had one of those God moments that weekend. I pray I'll never be the same.


Cousins and best friends.
Elias with his full basket.
The hunt begins.
Elias and Sophie chowing down.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The service at church was wonderful and the music just beautiful. After church a number of us went over to my parents house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. The kids had a blast. The hunt didn't last too long once they found the eggs had jelly beans in them. At least they had fun!