Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One For the Road

So tonight Dan and I had just given Katelyn a bath (which is a nasty story in-and-of-itself. I'll spare the details.) and were sitting on the couch watching American Idol. All of a sudden we hear what sounds like a paper bag being thrown around. We look into the kitchen and about fall over. Katekyn is taking cans, boxes, and anything else she find out of the pantry and putting them into a big shopping bag. With a straight face she turns to us and says, "Bye bye Mommy. Bye bye Daddy." She then begins to drag the bag toward the door. I guess she knew she would get hungry on her adventure. Oh the minds of little people!


Lauren said...

Well they say that most kids will attempt to run away at some point in their childhood. So it's good that Katelyn got hers out of the way while she's still in diapers! Haha!

Jonathan & Sarah said...

That is hilarious!! At least she thought through it first!

Tami Muhlbauer said...

I would leave too if you were my momma!! :)