Saturday, April 5, 2008

A/Cs and Monkeys

So my parents have gone to Nashville and Hopkinsville to visit my dad's family. Part of me is thankful. Now let me explain myself. Our A/C unit has been giving us problems for the last couple of months but it hasn't been a big problem since it's been cool. We haven't had to run it for a while anyway. Well, this week it has gotten very warm so now our not so big problem has become a big problem. The A/C guys came on Thursday and told us we needed a new unit, which we pretty much knew would happen. So, until we can get it in sometime next week, we're staying at my parents.

Katelyn has had so much fun tearing up my parent's house. One minute she has the lotion from by my parents bed all over her and the sheets. The next minute she's pulling glass candle holders off the counter and onto to the tile floor (thankfully they did not break). The minute after that, she's sitting on top of the dining room table. Let's just say it's been an exciting couple of days.

She has also learned another new trick. We put Katelyn down for the evening in the pack and play in the play room (where she sleeps whenever she's over here). About 5 minutes later, Dan comes into the computer room and tells me Katelyn all of a sudden stuck her head into the family room and gave him this sweet, innocent smile. He ended up putting he back down and going back to his baseball game. Less than 5 minutes later, I see the same sweet, innocent smile he saw peeking into the computer room door. That little monkey has figured out how to climb out of the pack and play! So, I lay her back in there and sing to her until she falls asleep.

Saturday morning, Dan wakes me up and tells me Katelyn is not in her bed. He tells me to get up and look where she is. I get out of bed and there is my little monkey, asleep on the couch. She's curled up like a little ball with he head on the armrest. I wish I could have found my camera at that moment. It was so sweet! I'm just surprised she did not get scared in the dark or that she didn't wake us up. The adventure continues!

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