Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

After a few failed attempts, Katelyn and I finally made it to a pumpkin patch. Mandarin United Methodist has a really neat patch with lots of photo places. I had never taken Katelyn to a pumpkin patch before but I had always seen other people's pictures and though they were so cute! So, I was determined this year to go! We met up with our friend Misty and "Bwake" as Katelyn calls her son and had a great time. I got a little frustrated because Katelyn was not cooperating very well. She has decided she does not like her picture being taken so she won't smile, or even worse, she just turns her head. Hopefully it's just a stage!

1 comment:

Cilla said...

Smile or not, she is still adorable! Cute pics!