Monday, November 17, 2008


We had a really great weekend! We started on Friday night with the preschool Thanksgiving Feast at church. Katelyn had a ball! They had tons of stuff for the kids to do. Shelly Taylor is such a blessing to our church and to our family. I am so glad Dr. Brunson brought her to FBC Jax.

They had a video of Miss Pattycake on during the meal, which Katelyn thought was the coolest thing! I know she is going to love when she comes in December. Shelly did a power point story time, during which Katelyn decided she was going to run around on the stage and play with the microphone. Then they had different rooms and games and crafts set up for the kids to do. Katelyn made a candy turkey, had her hand painted all sorts of colors to make a turkey and much more. She was completely enthralled with this blow up ball game. It took a while to get away from that. She just kept wanting to dive into the balls, face first I must add. Thank you to everyone who made that night possible. It was a blast!

Saturday was our annual Middle School Field Day at Landon MS. The forecast was rain all day and our event was all outside. Needless to say, many prayers were offered up in the days leading up to Saturday. God was awesome (as always)!! It rained while things were being set up, but before you knew you it, the sun was out and it was beautiful! It stayed that way until right after lunch (about halfway through the event). As everyone was complaining about being hot and getting sunburned, God gave us clouds and a breeze that quickly cooled us off. The rain held off until about 30 minutes before the end of the event at which time we moved into the cafeteria for the awards and wrap up. God worked everything out perfectly. We had a good turn out (though I believe more would have come if it had not been raining in the morning-but that's okay) and we had over 20 visitors. When Dan gave a short Gospel presentation, 4 or 5 kids responded so praise be to God! What a great day!

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