Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Routines and Pottys

Well, it's been a crazy week, but a good one. We are finally getting back to a normal schedule after all our travels. It's actually better than it was before we left. Katelyn is now going to bed between 8:30 and 9. Usually on the earlier side. It's great! The bad part of that is about 8pm she turns into the wild child. She decides she wants to tear up as much stuff before she goes to bed as she can. She runs from one end of the couch to the other. If we're sitiing there, she just runs over us. No big deal to her. We're just big speed bumps. The faster she goes, the more air she gets. She loves it. I'm trying to get her to start picking up her toys before bed time. We're not there yet, but we're working on it.

She went down great last night. She was out before 8:45. How cool is that?! There was one little problem. Dan and I stayed up watching the game and reading until 12:30. About 5:45am I hear this sing-song, "mommy, mommy, mommy, etc" coming from Katelyn's room. What is wrong with my child and why is she singing at 5:45am? You have to understand. We are a family of late risers. We go to bed late and get up late. That's why Katelyn's bedtime is 8:30ish. I can't imagine getting up at 6:30 or 7 every morning. I need my beauty sleep! : ) Anyway, back to the story. I get out of bed and go into Katelyn's room. She is just wide awake! She is still singing my name. I get her up and go into the living room where I find Dan asleep on the couch. He fell asleep there while watching TV, not because he was in trouble. : ) I kick him out and send him to the bedroom so he can sleep before he has to go to work. Katelyn and I hang out and watch some Dora, play with her sticker book, eat a cereal bar and drink some juice. Finally about 6:30 she starts rubbing her eyes so I take her and her blanket back to her bed and lay her down. I don't hear another peep until she and Dan wake me up at 9:30. They were wrestling in the hallway and having a grand old time. The rest of the day was great (until 8pm-Read above paragraph).

The other big news is potty news! The last few weeks, Katelyn has taken an interest in potty time. She always wants to be in the bathroom when we are, she points to her diaper when she poo-poos, and she even tries to change her own diaper at times. We decided it was time to buy a potty. She loves it! She sits there, with her blanket, like a big girl. The only bad thing is she wants mommy to go to the potty every time she does. I tried just sitting on the closed lid. She kept trying to open the lid while I was sitting ion it. I got the hint. The I just tried to sit on the seat. She wasn't happy with that either. She started pulling on my jeans as if to say, "You can't potty with your pants on!" But, we have met with some success. She pee-peed 2x yesterday and twice more today. No poo-poo yet, but we're hoping. (It's amazing the things you discuss in public when you have a kid!)

Well, I can't wait to see what adventure tomorrow brings!

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Our Great Family said...

Owen goes to bed around the same time and sometimes I will hear him singing around 6ish in the morning. I leave him there for about 20 minutes and then he falls back asleep. lol
I am not a morning person either!