Saturday, January 31, 2009

Introducing Caroline Dean!

Well, I have re-entered blog land. I was doing so god right after Christmas, then things kinda fell to the wayside. I had to go have a baby and stuff and that takes just a little bit of time.

Friday night, Jan. 16 we decided to go to go to dinner and Chili's was the place chosen (mostly because of the giftcard given to us for Christmas-thanks Mom). I had been having some contractions all day but it was nothing new. I had been having contractions for the last 2 months. Who knew it was different. Well while we were waiting then eating my contractions kept getting stronger and more consistent. Dan was timing them so I didn't have to think about it. after we left I asked him how far apart they were and he said 5 minutes (I'd have a string one, then a weaker one). So we headed home to get Katelyn's stuff together, grab my bag and head out. Dan decided to take his time getting he and Katelyn ready so I was really hurting by the time we went to Dean and Tiffany's house to drop Little Bit off for her "slumber party" at Elias' house. Now before we jump on Dan's case about taking too long, all we had to go on was our last experience with Katelyn. I had been having contractions all evening with her before we headed to the hospital. When we got there I was only 2cm. It was another 10 hours before Katelyn decided to join us.
My contractions at that point were about 3 1/2 to 5 minutes long. The nurse we called at our doctor's office said to head to the hospital, though we could wait a little while longer if we wanted. I said no thank you! I wanted my epidural! I was past ready for it. This is all happening about 10:15 that night. We get to the hospital about 10:30 and I'm hurting! I have to stop every little bit to have a contraction. They take me right into a birthing room and check me and I'm 9 cm and 100% effaced!! I must admit I have never been that scared in my whole life! I am not one of those women who has any desire to give birth naturally. I am a bonafied chicken and proud of it! All I ask is am I still going to be able to get my epidural.

Now I must give a huge shout out to the St. Vincents crew. They were on the ball! I have never been asked as many questions in such a short period of time. I have never seen a hospital room with as many people in there at once (except maybe on TV or in the ER). they were moving and grooving trying to get everything ready. The anaesthesiologist was there as soon as I got on the bed. They were wonderful!

So back to the story. They told me I could still get my epidural as long as my water hadn't broken and it hadn't. So about 11:30 they start the epidural and give me a fast acting medicine right in my spinal fluid then they put the normal medication in the catheter. As they are inserting the catheter, my water breaks. What great timing! Needless to say, after that I felt better. I was able to relax a little and breathe again. Just before midnight I started to push and after 2 pushes, Caroline Dean entered the world at 12:02am. I had only been in active labor for about 3 hours total and half of it was spent at Chili's eating chicken crispers! Caroline was 5lbs 13oz and was 19 inches long. She was so tiny! Katelyn was 7lbs 9oz and my last 2 doctors guessed Caroline would be the same by the way my belly measured.

Since then life has been good. Caroline is such a great baby! She is very chill. She is nursing well (about every 3 hours), sleeps pretty well (though we've spoiled her by letting her sleep on us. We'll fix it later), and only cries when is hungry or has gas. She is very alert and very sweet. Katelyn is doing well too. She loves her little sister. She's always kissing her and saying, "She's so cute!" Katelyn is having some issues with attention though. She wants all of it all the time. She doesn't yet understand that sometimes mommy and daddy have to take care of Caroline. This next week will be the real test. It's the first time I'll have the 2 of them by myself. Dan was home with me the first week and his mom has been here this past week. They have both been the biggest help! So pray for me this coming week that I don't lose it.

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Jonathan and Sarah said...

HOLY COW MARIANNE!!! That's my first time "hearing" the story!! I can't believe you were that dialated!!! I would have freaked too! I'm so glad they could still give you the epi!! PRaise God!! :) I love looking at the pictures on FB- what two precious girls you have! Miss ya'll!