Monday, June 29, 2009

The Joys of Raising a Daddy's Girl

After dinner this evening I was playing with Katelyn in her room. She has these foam tile with letters on them that connect together. She wanted to spell her name so I helped her put the tiles in order and she connected them all. We were sitting there going over the letter names when Daddy walked in and sat on her bed. She then proceeds to look at me and say, "Excuse me, Mommy. Daddy is sitting there," as she points to where I am currently sitting. Daddy wasn't the one playing with her or laughing with her or helping her learn. No...he just walks in and Mommy turns to chopped liver. If Dan wasn't such a great Daddy I'd be really ticked off. :)

I am actually very thankful Katelyn is such a Daddy's girl. He is such a wonderful example to her. I couldn't ask for any better, nor could I find it if I was looking (and I'm not). Thanks Dan for being the best daddy in the world!

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Jonathan and Sarah said...

You too!?? Noah does things like that to me too :( I followed them downstairs this morning for breakfast & when Noah saw me he said "no mommy! Go upstairs!" Hmph. At least we know they love us too they just are overloaded on mommy time...hehe

**Had SUCH fun this weekend getting to see you!