Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

What a great day! Dan had the day off so we decided to have a family fun day. After Dan got home from taking Dr. Reid to the airport, we headed to our favorite breakfast spot, University Diner. Very yummy! From there we went and picked up Theresa and headed to Hanna Park. It definitely wasn't as crowded as last Memorial Day but there were a good amount of people. We had so much fun playing in the water park (though they took the submarine with the slide out). From there we headed down to the beach.

We picked the perfect spot. The tide was going out so it created this big pool that was about 18 inches deep so Katelyn loved playing in there without worrying about the waves. She had a blast carrying water back and forth and splashing around with her daddy in the water. Caroline took a little nap in her car seat while all the fun was taking place. After the beach we headed to Sonic for happy hour slushes and tea.

After naps we met up with my parents for dinner at PF Changs, one of my favorite restaurants. We decided to walk around for a little bit then ended the evening at Kilwins for ice cream. It was such a great day.

I don't want anyone to think I forgot the significance of the day. I am so thankful to the men and women who serve our country. I am grateful for the sacrifices they and their families make on a daily basis, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I sent my brother, who served almost 21 years in the navy a thank you email. I am so proud of him and his service to our country. Love you Jeff!

I'm posting a link to our pictures from today. I can never figure out how to properly add pictures so this is easier. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!


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