Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, the Elkins family has had a fun and busy couple of weeks!  We have had birthday parties, Disney adventures, a beach trip, daddy/daughter dates, picnics, sleepovers at Mimi and Papas, trips to Nana and Grandpa's and overall fun times!  I thought I would share some quick pictures as a picture is a thousand words (or however that saying goes)!  :)

Katelyn riding the horse drawn buggy down Main St. USA at Disney World
 Katelyn and Cinderella, her favorite princess.
 Katelyn and her best friend Haley on our trip to MOSH.  They played in the whale exhibit and the new hands-on exhibit (magnets, force,, pulley, levers, etc).
 Caroline playing with the magnets.
 Katelyn and Elias

 Blake's 3rd birthday party at Ollie Koala's.  Caroline liked the air hockey game.
 We packed a bunch of stuff and took the girls to the beach.  We had fun building sandcastles, picking up shells, and not so much fun running away from the seagulls.
 A rare picture of Dan and I together.  Not the best, but it will have to do.  :)
 Mommy and Caroline.  Caroline sure does like to "Cheese."
 Mommy and my silly girl.  :)
 The whole clan!
 This is what happens when you leave your 2 year old alone for 3 minutes.  She so wants to be big like her sister!
 Katelyn had a farm day at school (which got moved inside the garage due to rain).  She got to ride a horse, pets sheep, goats, a cow, and a bunny!  The horse was her favorite.
 Katelyn's 4 year old choir was singing in church.  She's on the back row with the blue bow.
 I was excited she actually wore pants!!!  Who knew a ribbon belt was all it would take?!  These are two of her sweet friends, Kinsey and Haley.
 Caroline was putting on a show at another birthday party we went to.  "Boo!"
 The whole clan at Pump it Up for Kelsie's birthday.
 The Nocks came over one evening for dinner and fun!  We jumped on the trampoline and decorated cupcake shaped jewelry boxes.
 Best Friends!
 We went up to Savannah to see Nana and Grandpa for St. Patrick's Day.  They put on one of the largest St. Patrick's day parades in the country!  This was our third year going and we're planning on making it an annual trip!  We had so much fun!
 Dan and I waiting for the parade to start.
 Mommy and Katelyn.
 Mommy, daddy, and Katelyn
 Caroline saying, "Cheese!"
 After the parade, we headed to Forsyth Park (a smaller version of Central Park) for a picnic and some playground fun!

Well, that somewhat sums up the last month or so!  I promise to be better about keeping up to date!

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