Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes....I'm a Fanilow!

Okay, so I have been awaiting tonight for many months.  Back in September or October, I happened to go to, which I rarely ever do, and saw a banner for an upcoming concert.  It said tickets went on sale the next day and I literally jumped out of my chair and did a little dance.  You see, I LOVE Barry Manilow!  Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved his music.  The stories, the melodies, etc.  I love it all.  Some of my favorite memories are family sing-alongs in the car on long road trips.  The Lettermen, Barry, Garth Brooks, and the Cathedrals are only a few of our favorites.  I think I learned the words to Copacabana around the same age I learned "Amazing Grace."  Okay, well probably not but it was pretty close.

Soon after Dan and I got married, he became the MS youth pastor at our church.  About 3-4 months after that, I learned Barry would be in Jacksonville.  I am sure I did the little dance of joy that time as well but, there was a problem.  He was scheduled to come on the same Friday night as our middle school Guys and Girls retreats.  This was a huge problem.  I couldn't miss the retreat.  I had promised I would go, and even if I hadn't, I didn't have anyone to go with.  Dan would NEVER have missed the retreat, especially for a Barry Manilow concert.  You see, Dan does not share my love of all things Manilow.  He tolerates him for my sake but would never choose to listen to his music. 

So, back to a couple months ago.  After I saw the ad and did my little dance, I sat back down and immediately sent an email to my mom, Dan, and my sister-in-love, Tiffany.  My idea (actually more of a command) was for them to buy my brother and I tickets for Christmas and we would go together.  I mentioned before Dan is not a huge fan, but even less of a fan is Tiffany.  She hates him with every fiber of her being (well that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much).  So, this would save Dan and Tiff both from having to go.

Thankfully, they heeded my advice and bought us tickets and tonight is the night!!  I am super excited!  It is the first time I'm getting to see him live and from what I hear, he puts on a good show.  I am going to try to take lots of pictures (if they let us) and I'll post some tomorrow.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

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