Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol

We had some people over to watch the American Idol finale after church. We were recording it on the DVR since we knew we would be late. I personally thought it was one of the best reality TV finales I've seen. There were lots of great performances by the contestants and guest artists. I thought every one of us was going to pee in our pants when we saw the spoof with Jack Black, Robert Downy Jr, and Ben Stiller. I was rolling on the floor.

Anyway, one girl, Theresa, got a phone call a few minutes after 10. It was her grandma. Before she knew it, her grandma told her who won! We told Theresa if she blew it for us we would physically abuse her. : ) She made all the way to the end without telling us. I was proud of her.

Congrats David Cook! I was rooting for you (even though I would not have been upset of David A won)!

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Our Great Family said...

I voted for David Cook for 2 hours with 3 phones. LOL!