Friday, May 16, 2008

Catch Up #4 "The Final Chapter"

Looking back, I probably should have named the post VA Trip. That's all I've written about so far. Well then, let's get back to it. After stopping for gas, we get to the Norfolk airport about 5:30am. We checked our bags and headed in to find a place to crash. Some got coffee, some got a snack and others just sat and watched Backyardigans on the DVD player. Dean and I got stopped by security because of confusion. I forgot I had a bottle of juice in Katelyn's bag from the day before. There was some confusion between Dean and Tiff about what bags were getting checked and which they were carrying on. Needless to say, Tiff's gel, body splash, and lotion were victims of the search.

The beginning of the plane ride was great, Katelyn dozed for a little bit so all was quiet. About 30 minutes into the flight, we hit major turbulence. I've been on a lot of planes before and hit some rough weather, but nothing like this. Dean and Dan were turning shades of green but thankfully we were about to distract the kids so they didn't get scared. It was a crazy ride, but at least we made it back to J-ville in one piece.

We decided to take my mom to breakfast for Mother's Day. We had a wonderful time all together at Denny's. We exchanged presents and had some yummy food. After breakfast, Dan, Katelyn, and I headed to Savannah to see his family. Granny and Grandaddy and Sean, Brooke, and Connor were there too. It was so great to see everyone and spend time with the other side of the family.

We had lunch then took Katelyn to the pool. She is such a water baby. She loves to be in the water. It could be a pool, the hose, or even the bath tub. She just loves water. She had a great time jumping off the side into daddy's arms and the kicking to the other side to do it again. It was so cute to see her smiles. You know she was loving every second.

After we got back, we ate dinner and played together and watched the Survivor finale. After we heard Parvati won, we packed up our stuff and headed home. It was a mighty long day, but so worth every minute.

Well, that's our trip. Hope you enojyed reading and didn't get too bored.

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