Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catch Up #2

Well, my oldest brother, Jeff, turned 40 on May 5th. To help him celebrate my whole family decided to fly up to VA for a couple of days. Thursday morning, myself, Dan, Katelyn, and my mom flew out of Jacksonville about 8:30am. We were armed with snacks, books, juice, Backyardigans, and Bunnytown. We were ready for anything. Katelyn did amazingly well! She didn't cry at all. Once we got there, we got our rental car and headed to my brother's house. After lunch and errands, we checked into our timeshare. We have a beautiful 3 bedroom condo right outside old Williamsburg. It was beautiful. Then we went to a fantastic BBQ place for dinner, then back to the room. Dean, Tiff, Elias, and my Dad flew in and got to the condo about 10. All three kids (my brother has a little girl 2 days older than Katelyn) were bouncing off the walls. We got them to bed and we followed them shortly after.
Jeff had to work on Friday so we all just hung around the condo playing and having a good time until about lunch time. Jeff always talks about how he loves Red Robin. It's a burger restaurant with every burger you could ever imagine. It is my new favorite place. I had the Bonsai Burger (teriyaki sauce, cheddar cheese, and grilled pineapple). It was amazing!
After lunch, the guys took the kids back for their naps and the girls went to the mall and shopped for a while. That night we went to Jeff and Liz's favorite Chinese restaurant. They had everything you could imagine! Dan and Tiff were in hog heaven. Tiff never gets Chinese and Dan loves sushi, which he never gets. It was a winner all around. It had been a long day so we called it an early night.

The kids sitting outside Red Robin with their balloons.

All trying to share the bench at the condo.

Tiff trying to stronghold 2 of the cousins.

Dean and Katelyn playing airplane.

Notice Katelyn's (aka Elias') hat and her one shoe she is wearing on top of her footie Pj's.

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