Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dan was so sweet! He arranged a wonderful evening out for us last night. We made dinner here, then dropped Katelyn off to spend the night with her cousin, Elias. We headed out to Village Inn for some dessert (I had French Silk pie and he had a sundae). It was nice to be able to just talk. Then we went and rented a movie called Bella. Neither of us had heard of it before but it looked really good. We read the review on www.pluggedin.com and Dr. Dobson said it was wonderful. There was no sexuality or language. It's rated PG-13 because of thematic situations. It's definitely not a comedy but it really gets you thinking about the sanctity of life. It was a wonderful movie and we really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it.

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Marianne Elkins said...

It's actually www.pluggedinonline.com