Friday, May 16, 2008

Catch Up #3

Saturday morning we woke up and went to breakfast. In case you don't VA is famous for it's salt cured ham. So, we went to Mama Steve's Pancake House for some ham and pancakes. It was delicious! From there, we headed to the coolest playground I have ever seen! It was a wooden playground built to look like a pirate ship. There were zip lines, slides, rocket swings, tunnels, and so much more. We stayed for a couple of hours. The kids had a blast! The adults didn't have such a bad time either.

From there, we all headed back to the condo for naps. After while, the guys (minus my dad) took the kids to the indoor pool at the complex and my dad and the girls went to the huge outlet mall. It's more than 2x the size of St. Augustine. Pretty impressive. Everyone had a good time at their respective activity.

After while, we all met up at the Yankee Candle Store. The have a neat little section where they have candles to can dip in different color wax to make them your own. Katelyn made an orange moon and a blue cow. Katelyn made a red firetruck and Sophie made a rainbow butterfly. They seemed to really enjoy it.

From there, we headed over to the College of William and Mary to this old cannon. It's a tradition in the Spurlin family to take a picture on the cannon whenever we are there. Dean and I took one when we were in our preteens. Four years ago, all of us had our spouses with us (well Dan was my almost spouse; close enough). This trip, we had our spouses and our first borns. It's pretty cool to see the evolution of our family. That was full of fun and frustration. They had planted a tree right n front of the cannon so it was impossible to take pictures from the front. We had to improvise so we all got around the back of the cannon. I guess all that matters is the cannon is in the picture.

After that we headed back to the condo for a simple dinner of pizza and pasta (the alfredo pasta from Pizza Hut is really good!). We said our good byes to Jeff, Liz and Sophie and started to get ready for bed. Dan got this bright idea to go play putt putt at 10:30pm. So there we are, in the cold, with flip flops and Pjs on, playing putt putt. We had a good time and made lots of good memories.

When we got back to the room, my parents were watching the news. Apparently the highway we needed to take to the airport in the morning was going to be closed from 5am-7am, right smack in the middle of the time we needed to head out to catch our 7:30 am flight. After much discussion, we decided to just get up at 3:45am to be on the road by 4:14. We had pretty much everything packed and ready to go for a quick exit in the morning.

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